Athlete. Scientist. Entrepreneur.


Taking on the mantle of a startup founder and CEO is a multifaceted undertaking. This position involves navigating a multitude of intricate decisions and frequently confronting impactful results.


About Dr Darren Burke

Dr. Darren Burke established an exceptional research program and earned a reputation as a prominent authority. Throughout his tenure as a professor at St. Francis Xavier University, he not only taught courses in sports nutrition, exercise physiology, and metabolism but also nurtured students to excel in scientific fields and professions such as medicine and dentistry.

In 2008, Dr. Burke transitioned from his tenured university professorship to initiate a brand encompassing sports nutrition products, which included protein powders, energy supplements, and muscle-building creatine products tailored for professional athletes. His brand marked a pioneering move by providing secure supplements for athletes competing in drug-tested sports—an innovation that revolutionized the sports nutrition landscape, leading to the widespread inclusion of safety certifications in most supplements today. Within just five years, he steered the company from a concept to a dominant position in both Canada and the United States, eventually exiting the business triumphantly when it was acquired by Nutrivo, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Burke stands as a visionary leader, driven by curiosity. Consequently, it came as no surprise in 2018 when he partnered with former NHL hockey player TJ Galiardi to establish Outcast Foods—an inventive sustainable technology venture focused on upcycling discarded fruits and vegetables bound for landfills. Forming partnerships with farms, food brokers, and grocery stores, they transformed late-stage or cosmetically rejected produce into nutrient-rich, long-shelf-life powders for natural health products. In merely three years, the company burgeoned from concept to encompass multiple manufacturing facilities and exceed a value of $30 million.

Recognized for his adept speaking skills, Dr. Darren Burke frequently delivers enlightening presentations on diverse subjects, including nutrition, cleantech, sustainability, and the reduction of food waste. In 2021, he was honored with the esteemed EY Entrepreneur of the Year award for Atlantic Canada, underscoring his exceptional accomplishments. Dr. Burke's academic foundation comprises a graduate degree in Kinesiology and a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

Dr. Darren Burke has emerged as a trailblazer in innovative consumer products and sustainable food practices, pioneering groundbreaking strategies to address issues within the food supply chain and craft superior consumer goods. Harnessing his inventive approach to product development and brand establishment, he has disrupted multiple industries, spawning distinct and enduring consumer products.


It's A Complicated Role

Assuming the role of a startup founder and CEO is far from straightforward. It's a multifaceted position involving a multitude of challenging decisions, often accompanied by weighty repercussions.

A plethora of individuals proffer guidance, but sifting through to extract valuable advice is essential. Establishing connections with those who have overseen the inception and growth of multiple startups is particularly advantageous, as they offer a distinctive vantage point.

Dr. Darren Burke initially lacked a network and still considers his connections relatively modest compared to others. Nevertheless, he has chosen to extend his availability to any startup founder seeking discussions about their business.

Athlete. Scientist. Entrepreneur.


During his childhood, Dr. Darren Burke carried extra weight and had a fondness for junk food. Thankfully, his mother compelled him to participate in a variety of sports, sparking his interest in physical activity. It didn't take long for this enthusiasm to transform him; he developed a passion for several sports and displayed notable proficiency in a few. This prowess led him to secure numerous national championships and even compete on an international stage.

However, one distinct quality set him apart from his peers and much of his extended family: his remarkable intelligence. School came effortlessly and evolved into an enjoyable pursuit. His fascination with science became an escape, captivating him with its wonder. This zeal for learning propelled him to complete a Ph.D. in just three years, author a multitude of scholarly articles, and promptly attain university tenure.

His journey then ventured into the realm of business—a continuous endeavor marked by complex scenarios and abundant challenges. Despite his initial lack of knowledge, he initiated a sports nutrition brand, nurturing an idea that grew from a $50,000 loan to over $20 million in revenue within five years, culminating in a successful exit.

This triumphant departure was followed by the creation of a sustainable technology enterprise, co-founded alongside his long-time friend and former NHL hockey player, TJ Galiardi. Together, they steered the company from concept to a valuation exceeding $30 million in just three years, with a focus on preserving the nutrients in food destined for landfills.

"Resilience is one of those traits that makes the difference between success and failure as a start-up founder"


Humble Beginnings

In the tapestry of life, Dr. Darren Burke's narrative weaves a captivating parallel with the widely acclaimed TV show, "The Trailer Park Boys." His formative years were shaped against the backdrop of his father's pursuits as a mechanic and his mother's dedicated shifts at the hospital. Together with his older brother and younger sister, their days were immersed in outdoor escapades – bike rides, scaling monkey bars, and the occasional friendly skirmish. In a community where parents relaxed on porches, savoring beer and cigarettes, a robust sense of unity prevailed.

Yet, the measure of success in life is as diverse as the individuals who define it. Some perceive success through the lens of familial bonds, while others associate it with financial prosperity, opulent cars, and spacious homes.

Dr. Darren Burke embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery, understanding, and improvement. Drawing insights from his past, upbringing, and background, he harnessed these elements to forge a path of great personal and professional success. This system, tested and proven in his own life, became a compass for success in various aspects.

Crucially, Dr. Burke extended his knowledge to assist others in unlocking their full potential. Through understanding, modification, and excellence, he empowers individuals in both their personal and professional lives. His story serves as a testament that greatness is within reach for anyone willing to embark on a journey of incremental self-evaluation, practical modifications, and adherence to simple guiding principles. Dr. Darren Burke's inspiring narrative resonates with the belief that success is not a destination but a continuous journey of growth and fulfillment.


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